Finding Joy In Our Journey

Our Family's Journey through Brain Injury (Both Parents), our youngest son being born with Pierre Robin Sequence, and a recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome for our older son.

Sam’s loose tooth! January 20, 2010

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I laughed and laughed watching this, I really do have a crazy household! Click on the video link that’s highlighted at the bottom of this page!

Sam’s First Loose Tooth! from Mike Shilton on Vimeo.


Yeehaw! January 19, 2010

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Yeehaw! Joshy is Potty Trained! He had his first official day with undies at preschool and used the Potty there too! He has been 6 days with just undies and only 4 accidents. Yippee! I am doing the dance of joy! He also did Chuckee Cheese and stayed dry the whole time. Oh the trivial things we parents find the greatest joy from! Now we are working on him sleeping in his own bed ALL night long. He fell asleep in his own bed last night and came in at 2 am. That in itself is a huge improvement.

And Sam lost his first tooth tonite! Wow how life can change in the blink of an eye. Or maybe we are so tired we don’t realize our blinks last days at a time? ­čśë I will be posting the video Mike made of this hilarious event which had the use of dental floss and our dog in it. I will post it tomorrow once he is done editing it. Have a great night!


Another day in the neighbourhood! January 15, 2010

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Well I am still wobbly from doing a Crossfit workout at home instead of the gym. I do Crossfit as high intensity alternative to dealing with my adrenaline issues rather than be on medication for my brain injury. I think it has been helping as I slept really well last night. Sam came down to watch me and my Sister in law Ruthanne die together on the floor and he was so cute. He drew me a trophy and told me I had won and he was proud of me. It was too cute! He even got me a glass of water! Sometimes he really blows me away.

I was really stressed out yesterday as I got the report from Sam’s Psychologist and was trying to begin all the necessary paperwork. As it turns out, our lovely Government has recently changed EVERYTHING so what I thought I had to do ended me up in a pingpong session between departments. I was frustrated to the point of tears after the fifth person blankly said to me that they had no idea what I was talking about. I said to her that I was told this was supposed to be a simple process and I didn’t understand why they were having such a tough time understanding that I had to register my son for Autism funding. She put me on hold and came back a couple minutes later and said they needed me to have the report and then I would need to make an appointment. ­čÖé I told her that I┬áHAD the report (for the 5th time) and that I WAS trying to make an appointment. Hallelujah it finally registered that we were saying the same thing! I have an appointment to meet with them next Wednesday to do the intake.

Of course I was trying to do all this while an alarm is going off every 15 minutes to remind Josh to go Potty, and I have Sam running around me talking non stop about some topic, and Josh is strangling either the cat or dog. All while Treehouse is playing in the background. What can I say? My life is never quiet or dull! I was so thankful Mike watched the boys while I picked up the report and met with our homeschooling special needs coordinator. What bliss to be driving in a totally silent car! Josh tried to poop in his pants while Mike was watching, hee hee hee! So glad I missed it! Thanx honey!

So that was our day yesterday! I have to do a tonne of photocopying documents for all the different things we have to apply for. But I don’t need to have that done till next Tuesday so I can breathe easy. There is just so much information to sift through and┬áthe psychologist┬ágave us 3 pages of websites to check out for Autism support groups and everything and anything to do with Autism. In a way it is kind of nice to have a well known diagnosis for Sam because with Josh, his condition is so rare there is literally only one support group worldwide. Lots to do!

We will see how today goes! I am feeling less stressed out today and feel like I can breathe so this is good!

Sam has a Dentist appointment today to get a cavity filled. His first and hopefuly only cavity! I’ll let you know how it goes! He is supposed to get laughing gas. I a looking forward to some new stories to share ;)!


Wow! January 13, 2010

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Well, my friend, Mike and I had a 3 hour session of hashing through information. I am so grateful for her. She is breaking everything down into steps so we only have to work on a couple steps at a time so we are not overwhelmed by all the information. Wow! Is all I can say! AND she blessed me with some amazing potty training tips that she had gotten from her behavioral specialist. Double WOW! (Put timer on for every 15 minutes and then ask if the child’s pants are dry. Get the child to go every 30 minutes. When the child does wet himself, make┬áhim practice 3 times: From point of accident tell him pee goes in the toilet, then make him walk to toilet and make him take pants off and put back on (in the wet undies). ) Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this works!

So now I have Government forms to fill out (which I just finished) and now I have to get the official report so I can send it off. Tonite I learned that a Behavioral consultant is the key to everything else and we need to get a really good one. My friend is already a part of that community and so hopefully we will be able to make some good connections that way.┬á I am very excited and am so grateful that I have her to walk us through this. She was so encouraging and prayed for us. I know we are in good hands ­čÖé .


Let’s see how this evening goes.

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Well, I talked to Sam’s Psychologist who is diagnosing him and he is just doing the final details in his official report. He told me tonite that Sam presents Asperger’s but he has a lot of High Functioning Autism traits and that HFA trumps the Asperger’s diagnosis. Oh goody! I have been feeling very overwhelmed by all of this over the last couple of days and thankfully the boys gotto have a Nanna day. It really helped me to quiet my brain down. This evening I am meeting with our friend who has three Autistic children and she is going to go over all the things we have to do to get the ball rolling for therapy and home assistance. I am looking forward to feeling a bit more proactive, rather than just surviving the day and wondering how on earth to cope with my son and hyelp him cope with us :).┬á Apparently High Functioning Autism is similar to Asperger’s but they are in separate categories. In the book about Asperger’s that I have been reading, it says a lot of the lines are actually blurred and there is still continual “medical” discussion going on as to what the differences actually are.

I was attempting to get control over my office today, which has been completely overrun with my boys’ “art” projects. I got separate bins for the boys and I couldn’t believe how many things they have created in the last year. They are like little machines just spewing out drawing after drawing after drawing. Some of them are pretty fascinating.

I am also in the throws of trying to Potty train Josh which has been very interesting. Today and Sunday were good days. Yesterday was just horrendous. Thank goodness for hardwood floors! Day 3 of wearing just undies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Enough diapers I say! Enough!


Something funny January 11, 2010

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So tonight while I was putting the boys to bed I noticed Sam was talking to me while squinting. So I asked him why he was doing that and he told me “because I am intelligent!” I told him he didn’t have to squint to show that but I made a mental note to share that cute moment with you!


This is me trying out my new blog January 10, 2010

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Wow I am actually blogging how cool!