Finding Joy In Our Journey

Our Family's Journey through Brain Injury (Both Parents), our youngest son being born with Pierre Robin Sequence, and a recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome for our older son.

Welcome to our world! January 10, 2010

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Ok, so if you have checked the “About” tab then you will know what this blog is about. SO here I go.

We began to have suspicions that our son Sam had some form of Autism when he was ending his first year of preschool in 2006. The teachers noted that he was having extreme difficulty with gross motor skills like catching a ball. Of course we were told this on Sports Day and it was shockingly obvious.

I just read yesterday in the book “The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome” by Tony Atwood, that an early indicator of Asperger’s is a movement disorder. I quote “A young child may be identified by parents and teachers as being clumsy, with problems with coordination and dexterity. The child may have problems with tying shoelaces, learning to ride a bicycle, handwriting and catching a ball, and an unusual or immature gait when running or walking. The child is referred to an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist for assessment and Therapy.” I was dumbfounded because that is exactly what happened with Sam but he was NOT diagnosed at that time with Asperger’s. And the therapists made reccomendations and observations but he was not followed up with continual therapy. The pediatrician who was part of the first team who assessed him said he had a spatial disorder where he could not understand where his body was in “space”. They also noted that he had a bit of Hypermobility which we finally had diagnosed when he was six as full blown Hypermobility which also attestet to his clumsiness. He just learned how to ride a bike when he was six as well.

Reading this book is a God send because it is like someone has turned the light on to everything Sam is going through and is putting all the puzzle pieces together and keeps adding more of the missing pieces to the picture. I will be quoting a lot from this book while I am blogging. I have learned so much just from reading the first 24 pages and there are over 320 to go! I am going to have to go through the book with a highlighter so I can find all the great points because I keep forgetting where they are but I can remember them in my head.

Today Josh and Mike made pancakes for breakfast and when we sat down to eat them, Josh inhaled one as big as his head. This new thing he has started is to verbalize his enjoyment of food while he eats it so you know he really likes something when he loudly goes “yum num num num num!”  while his mouth is full, pretty cool for someone who didn’t put food into his mouth until last spring! And while I am blogging, my highly distractable husband is facebooking on his computer beside me and states “Wow! They are filming V in Vancouver!” and I say, “I know honey! You approached them to rent our massage chairs last month” Haha! We had a good laugh!

Welcome to our world!


4 Responses to “Welcome to our world!”

  1. Daddyo (phil) Says:

    Its a wonderful thing you do. This should be very informative and maybe help a lot of folks. Blessings on you as you journey

  2. tawn Says:

    Nicola!! I am so privileged to follow along side you as you blog your journey. You’ll find it’s a wonderful way to connect and tell your story … you will have much to teach, I am sure!

    Tawn xo

  3. white girl Says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m so thankful that you have a great support network, and access to wonderful resources like that book and other families that are going through the same journey. All the best to you in 2010!

    That story about Mike and the show V was funny. The song, “New every morning..” started running through my head. hee!

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