Finding Joy In Our Journey

Our Family's Journey through Brain Injury (Both Parents), our youngest son being born with Pierre Robin Sequence, and a recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome for our older son.

Yeehaw! January 19, 2010

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Yeehaw! Joshy is Potty Trained! He had his first official day with undies at preschool and used the Potty there too! He has been 6 days with just undies and only 4 accidents. Yippee! I am doing the dance of joy! He also did Chuckee Cheese and stayed dry the whole time. Oh the trivial things we parents find the greatest joy from! Now we are working on him sleeping in his own bed ALL night long. He fell asleep in his own bed last night and came in at 2 am. That in itself is a huge improvement.

And Sam lost his first tooth tonite! Wow how life can change in the blink of an eye. Or maybe we are so tired we don’t realize our blinks last days at a time? 😉 I will be posting the video Mike made of this hilarious event which had the use of dental floss and our dog in it. I will post it tomorrow once he is done editing it. Have a great night!


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